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Framedeck Factory Investment hits £1.1 Million

We are delighted to announce we have re-invested over £1.1 million into our Pocklington site with the purchase of a new drill saw line, new Plate Processing line and associated factory extensions.

The investment will increase our capacity limit to 12,500 tonnes of fabricated steelwork per annum. The decision was made by our board of directors in 2017 to ensure the long term stability and growth of our company.

“We at Framedeck are an ambitious and thriving business, we want to continue our growth and expand our client base with our competitive prices and dedicated service and this investment allows us to do just that. After careful consideration we decided to invest in the latest Peddinghaus drill saw line and plate processing line, a world leader in the supplier of machinery to the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries with an impeccable reputation. This investment is a long term investment that will give us a platform to increase our capacity, increase our client base and achieve our goal of becoming one of the top steel fabricators in the country”

Managing Director James Barrett

After careful and considerate planning we decided to invest in the following:

PCD-1100/3C - Advantage-2 Drill Line

The Advantage-2 beam drill line is the latest innovation in Peddinghaus drilling technology. Capable of drilling, tapping, and countersinking a wide array of profiles the PCD-1100/3C is the first Peddinghaus machine to include 5 station tool changers, lead screw spindle motion, and an all new comprehensive clamping system. The combination of time tested Peddinghaus technology and these new enhancements easily make this machine the most innovative drill line in the world today.

DG1250 – MITER Series Band Saw

The all new DG1250 band saw is designed to offer unmatched mitering capability and high speed cutting versatility to the modern steel fabricator. Further eliminating the band saw bottleneck, the DG1250 band saw utilizes a robust 14.5 kW blade motor, advanced material frictionless support system, and rugged Peddicat blade with minimum quantity lubrication system.

HSFDB-B 1800 Plate Line

The High Speed FDB is a plate machine that redefines the industry standard for plate processing productivity. The HSFDB plate processing system utilizes an eight tool rotary tool changer that travels with the spindle throughout its full range of motion. The 36kW Siemens smart spindle motor helps bring high speed plate processing to our shop. Packing an impressive 2250 RPM drilling speed, this machine will accommodate the short lead times that keep us competitive in today's market.

Our accreditations

Framedeck is accredited to nationally and internationally recognised standards.